Lyrics On Specific Metrics

Lyrics On Specific Metrics

Are You In Need Of A Ghostwriter?

Are you a fledging lyricist? Let me guess, you have the melody already but needs someone that will FINE-TUNE CATCHY WORDS TO IT? And somehow you find it hard to string one or two words together; perhaps music is your avocation and you listen to melodies a lot but always percept and wonder how an artist can sit down and starts drafting sentences that evoke, stimulate and arouse emotions. I mean those catchy words that pierce, lacerate and just steal your attention and make you want to listen to a song again and again. Well you’re at the right place at the right time.

To most artist when it comes to lyrics writing, a safe pair of hands is of paramount importance. I’m a professional lyricist with many years of experience, and due to my songwriting acumen and discernment I find stringing words together and making it a catchy and captivating piece a stroll in the park. There are myriad of concepts you can choose from; be it sad songs, like unrequited love, depression, lust, heartbreak; cheering songs; motivating songs; gospel songs; and so on. You just have to name it and get it done. 

The Process And Requirements

If you have an idea, I will work around that. If you don’t have any specific idea or theme, that is fine too. I will put my best work into creating a product that you will be happy with. If you have the melody, feel free to send it over and all you have left to do is to let me know the concept want to opt for and if you’re finding it hard to come up with one then I will have to take it from you and let my creativity lead.

You place the order, send over the necessary requirements as stated above and keep your fingers crossed.

The Delivery Process

In order to get around fatigue and weariness, I take my time to write at intervals; this is the alchemy that I’ve mastered and that has transformed me into a top pro that I’m today. I deliver under 7 days and if you’re in a hurry, want a song like this or like that you can let me know; I mean I’m democratic in nature which can be construed as the fact that I’m willing to hear your say or take on a scenario, which I believe will further aggrandize and enhance the quality and in the process let me know the aesthetic writing style you envisaged yourself singing to the masses. Free revisions are attached.

I will deliver a copyrighted song that can be used commercially with your name embedded as the writer. In order to make this formal, I will send you a contract which you’ll sign and I will sign; in the context it will be formally stated that I as the sole creator abdicates the ownership of the song to you. If you want it to be shared ownership, and want to publish my name as the writer I will welcome that with great alacrity because as a person I so much love passive income.
Hit me up via the live chat or contact page and let’s make the first of many hits. I’m equally adept in all genres, and just a trial will convince you!

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My name is Ola, I’m a songwriter (ghostwriter), based in New York. I have been blessed to work with some of the artists, producers, and writers in the music industry. However, I truly believe positive energy is of more importance than a resume.