Terms of Service:

By using any of the Soft Science Records service options, you, as a customer, consent to the terms of service that lie below.

  1. Buy-Out/Work For Hire & Split Publishing: Soft Science Records understand that potential clients may want to opt for the Work For Hire/Buy-Out option or go for the Split Publishing option.

  2. Order Duration: Order duration is being determined by the nature of the project. Usually, Soft Science Records has a turnaround time that varies between 1-3 weeks. Fast delivery option is available. However, Soft Science Records retains the right extend order delivery date if required.

  3. Revisions: Soft Science Records will undertake any minor revisions for free but charge additional fees for major revisions. The minimum revision fee starts from $60, and it will be executed as soon as the clients fund it.

  4. Shipping Deliveries: Soft Science Records deliveries are sent via the digital world and, as of now, don’t partake in any physical deliveries.

  5. Project Approval: When a project is being completed, Soft Science Records will send the delivery via the email; and the client will have an option to act for ten days, in the absence of any form of response for three straight days the project will be marked completed automatically.
  6. Refund Options: Refund will be welcomed base on what we have on the table and at the disposition of Soft Science Records.

  7. Your Vow: You as our customer is the creator of all requirements you provide us with; and if you’re not the creator you’ve the written consent of the creator to edit and modify their work.
  1. Blameworthiness: Soft Science Records won’t be held responsible for the losses effected as a result of you being a user.